Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for the Silver Princess

And the gold, and the copper, and the diamond. But since they are all in one story, might as well put them into one post.

This is another Hungarian folktale, and also another teaser for my upcoming book, so bear with me!

Given one very strange youg man called János. They call him Carnation-hair, whatever that means, I am open to interpretations, but whatever it is (red, curly, silky, etc.), it is obviously very pretty, because princesses seem to fall in love with him a lot. János is also a telepath on the side, he learned that trick from his fairy godmother.
Intrigued yet?

János sets out on a journey across the world to find one particular princess he has seen in his dream: the Diamond Princess. But in order to get to the Diamond Kingdom, he has to travel through the lesser kingdoms: Copper, Silver, and Gold. In each kingdom a princess falls for him, and in each kingdom the Queen tried to kill him various ways. The Silver Princess, in particular, is very kind to him, but alas, she is no Diamond, and gets her silvery heart broken by the mortal.

In Hungarian folktales precious metals often represent "kingdoms" in the sky: Moon, Sun, Stars, and sometimes even Mars, for its fiery red. If this idea is right, then these princesses are not only a striking image of wealth, but also beings that represent celestial bodies. Silver Princess or Moon Princess... has a nice ring to it!

The full story will be included in my book of Tales of Superhuman Powers, under the chapter on Telepathy.

Happy Last Full Week of A to Z! Keep on typing!


  1. You have a knack for summarizing without giving away the whole story...leaving us wanting to hear the rest. I suppose that's exactly what you're trying to do! I look forward to reading your finished book.

  2. You got a timetable for book completion, publication, paypal link? I want to buy it now.

  3. Sounds interesting. I am very curious about these princesses and Janos.

  4. Janos is a great character, but being a precious metal princess sounds like a better deal. Thanks for another interesting post.

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  5. It's wonderful being a Silver Princess!

  6. Yes, I am intrigued! :) Such an odd story. Love it!

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