Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for the Giant Princess

Since we already had a dwarf.

This princess comes to you from Thailand, particularly, from this book.

The giant princess is not really the protagonist in this tale, as much as one more problem two star-crossed lovers have to overcome in order to finally be together. On the other hand, she is more interesting than the actual heroine.

The giant princess' name is Princess Phakar, and the is the only daughter of the widow queen of the giants, Queen Warsan (I wonder what happened to the king). She is young and innocent: she has never even tasted human flesh before. This seems to be kind of a coming-of-age ritual, because the Queen, as soon as her giant soldiers bring her a human prince (who happens to be the hero of this story, snatched away from his bride who at the time is disguised as an old priest, don't ask, long story) - orders the rare delicacy to be brought to the princess for consumption.

There is a problem: Princess Phakar falls in love with the human.

Talk about ill-fated love. If they could overcome the difference in size, there is still the matter of the whole star-crossed lover destiny thing, and the fact that the "other woman" is the daughter of the god Indra.

And you think your love life is complicated?!

Unfortunately I have not managed to get my hands on the original book yet, so, courtesy of Google Book Preview, the last page of the tale is missing. You have been warned. I am guessing the star-crossed lovers get together, and the giant princess can be happy to escape with her life.

Let's hope the next human she encounters is not called Jack.


  1. Princess!Every girl's dream.
    Great post. :)

    - A fellow blogger from A to Z!

  2. I wonder how she got out of eating her dinner and marrying it instead...great story!

  3. It seems a nice story! My only problem is that I love happy ending! And I know that Asian literature isn't famous for those! Mhhhh

  4. I absolutely LOVE this story! It would be a good inspiration for a fantasy novel. Thailand and a lot of the Far East have such great legends. If I want cool legends where I live, I have to make them up, which I do! lol (Although the real history of where I live is unbeatable -- Egypt.)
    Great post! :-)

  5. The Warrior Muse said you needed some love, so I popped on by ~

  6. It would be difficult for a human to marry a woman who may want to take a little nibble out of him at any time. :)

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

  7. Very strange sounding story, but hey it's good for there to be so many different things to read!