Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for the Old Princess

Okay, so today's princess is brought to you from the most underrated Grimm fairy tale, like, ever.

Because this princess, kids, is Badass with a capital B. In fact, I should have put her under B and not O. But O will be important too. Whatever.

So, in the beginning of the story we have one ordinary princess and one overprotective king who builds a glass mountain and declares that whoever can climb the mountain can have the princess. I guess it's the trendy thing to do for royalty when they get bored with arranged marriages.

Anyhow, there is one prince who loves the princess and volunteers to climb the slippery slope -  and guess what, the princess volunteers to climb with him and "hold him if he falls."

Brownie points for the princess!

Apparently there are no rules about helping the contestants, so they begin to climb... but it is the princess who slips, and the mountain opens and swallows her up. She ends up in a cave with a nasty looking little man who has a long beard and makes her do chores around the house, threatening to kill her if she doesn't.

And no one comes to the rescue.

No, really. No king, no prince, no nothing.

The princess grows Old doing her chores and now she is called Mother Mansrot.


I know right?! Way to be depressing, Brothers Grimm.

But the story does not end here! The Princess (or, rather, Mother Mansrot now) gets fed up with being a slave and rescues herself in quite a genius way. No spoilers, read the story.

When she gets home, the prince is still waiting for her, and they can finally get married.


No, seriously, how many princesses grow old in their fairy tales?! Even Sleeping Beauty is preserved as eternally sixteen after a hundred years. So, here is some realistic storytelling for ya, straight from the Grimm Brothers who brought you half of the Disney princesses...

The illustration for the storybook comes from here. Check it out it's really cool!


  1. Never knew about the old princess, thanks for sharing! :)

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  2. That really is depressing! Wonder why no one rescued her :(

  3. This story is FANTASTIC. I'll have to go find it!

  4. Interesting story. I want to know how she saves herself.

  5. The story can be found under the link in the first sentence, or through Google if you search "Old Rinkrank" ;)

  6. Well now I'm going to have to bust out my Grimm book and read this one!

  7. Great theme about Princesses :) Nice to know even old women can have princes waiting for them after such a long time.

  8. Really cool blog. I'll be back to hear more stories! Visiting from the Challenge :)

  9. I'm glad the princess finally had a happy ending. :)

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  10. Never heard about this one, I need to read more.

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