Fruit Folktales

My 2019 A to Z Challenge theme was Fruit Folktales. You can find all 26 posts here:

A is for the Apricot Fairy (China)

B is for Blackberries vs. Winter (Iroquois)

C is for Currant Girl (Hungary)

D is for Daterella (Sicily)

E is for Eggplants vs. Ghosts (Japan)

F is for Fig Fiend (Italy)

G is for the Grapefruit Guys (Dominican Republic)

H is for Huckleberry Picking (various Native American)

I is for Indian Almonds and Idepeluochel Bats (Palau)

J is for Jujube Friendship (Hui, China)

K is for Kantek Figs and Kundong Koong (Lepcha)

L is for Lychee and Death (China)

M is for Magic Mango (Tamil)

N is for Naran White (Catalonia)

O is for Olives and Detectives (1001 Nights)

P is for Perilous Persimmons (Korea)

Q is for Quince and Kings (Albania)

R is for Raspberries and Punishments (Ireland)

S is for Starfruit and Greed (Vietnam)

T is for Tamarind Tree (Philippines)

U is for Ugni Berries and Ulmo Trees (Chile)

V is for Vanilla Love (Mexico)

W is for the Wood Apple Princess (India)

X is for the Xigua Lady (China)

Y is for Yellow Mombin and Cannibals (Venezuela)

Z is for Zarzamora and the Fire Bug (Venezuela)

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