Tarot Tales

For the 2021 A to Z Blogging Challenge my theme was Tarot Tales. I found folktales and legends for each card of the Major Arcana, and some of the Minors as well. You can find the list of posts below in order. You can read the introductory post to the project here.

0 - The Fool (Jack seeks his fortune)

1 - The Magician (Abe no Seimei)

2 - The High Priestess (Elena the Wise)

3 - The Empress (The princess who made the forests green and the meadows bloom)

4 - The Emperor (Mahakapi Jataka)

5 - The Hierophant (Journey to the West)

6 - The Lovers (The Prince of the Dolomites)

7 - The Chariot (Behula)

8 - Strength (The lion's whiskers)

9 - Hermit (King Cormac's Journey)

10 - Wheel of Fortune (The Hedley Kow)

11 - Justice (Princess Learned in the Law)

12 - Hanged Man (Lei-lehua)

13 - Death (The origin of the coconut)

14 - Temperance (Sunset Lad)

15 - The Devil (Marie Jolie)

16 - The Tower (The Drowning of the Bottom Hundred)

17 - The Star (My Beauty)

18 - The Moon (The buried moon)

19 - The Sun (Yarty-Gulak)

20 - Judgment (Aicha's tasks on earth)

21 - The World (The prince who sought immortality)

Kings and Knights 



X cards  

IX cards 

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