WTF - Weird Things in Folktales

My theme for the 2017 Blogging from A to Z Challenge was WTF - Weird Things in Folktales. I went through the Thompson Folktale Motif Index, picked the strangest, most shocking, most amusingly titled motifs from world folklore - and looked up the stories that contain them. You can find my introduction to the project here, and all 26 posts as follows:

A2211.5 - Shrew blows nose into snout

B182.1.1. Magic dog vomits any liquor required of him

C961.5. Transformation to anthill for breaking tabu

D192.2. Transformation: man to centipede

E581.6. Ghost rides giant demijohn

F555.7. Poisonous white hair in eyebrow that causes death to the first person who sees it each day 

G11.6.2. Woman who marries tiger is fed human nails regularly

H506.5. Test of resourcefulness: to swing seventy girls until they are tired

Interesting story dislodges frog from queen's nose

J1762.7. Lobsters mistaken for Norwegians

K366.7. Thieving butterflies

L315.5.1. Elephant killed by mouse who runs up open end of trunk to head and there smears poison over his brain

M149.4. Quarreling prince and princess vow that if they are married he will desert her on the wedding day and she will make him eat boiled rice and thin broth for six months

N339.5. Uxorious king is burned to death while taking an alcohol bath

Oil sold to iguana

P327. Barmecide feast

Q551.1. Undutiful son punished by toad clinging to face

R9.1.2. Sun and Moon captured by creditor, thus causing eclipse

S139. Brains of enemies fashioned into balls (as trophies for play)

T543.4. Birth from fungus

U114. Mountain in labor brings forth a mouse

V49.1. Werewolves hold mass

W111.2.5. Boy to see whether there is fire in the house: feels cat to see if she is warm

X11. Red pepper for the slow ass

Why canary's eggs are yellow

Z25. Fly forgets her name

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