Diversity A to Z

My theme for the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge was "Diversity A to Z" - traditional stories that represent diverse motifs and important messages. You can read the introduction to the series here.

A is for Adoption and Stepmothers (the good kind)

B is for Beauty, Body, and Ideals

C is for Caring Fathers

D is for Disability

E is for Elder Siblings (who succeed)

F is for Female Friendships

G is for Girl Teams

H is for Hatred (and why it is wrong)

I is for Intimacy and Independence (or, what makes a marriage strong)

J is for Jovial In-Laws

K is for Knights of All Kinds

L is for LGBT+ representation

M is for Minority Heroes

N is for Neurodiversity

O is for Old Heroes

P is for Pregnant and Capable

Q is for Queens Without Kings

R is for Religious Diversity

S is for Stories of Slavery

T is for Trickster Women

U is for Unexpected Pregnancies

V is for Violence against Women (and its due punishments)

W is for Warriors of All Genders

X is for SeX Positivity

Y is for Young Wizards and Sorcerers

Z is for a Zillion Others...

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