StorySpotting: Folklore in popular culture

StorySpotting is a weekly or kinda-weekly series about folktales, tropes, references, and story motifs that pop up in popular media, from TV shows to video games. Topics are random, depending on what I have watched/played/read recently. Also, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Be warned!

On this page you can find the links to all StorySpotting posts on the blog. Enjoy!


9-1-1: Women with their feet backwards

Alien worlds: Birds that never land

Big little lies: Swan sisters

Bridgerton: Recipe for a perfect husband; Swimming for love

Canada's Drag Race: This b*** I've never heard about before

Cloak & Dagger: The farmer and the viper

Cursed: Sometimes the forest eats people

Disenchantment: Princesses ditching their own weddings

Game of Thrones: A whisper at a funeral; Breastmilk from a giantess

Harlots: I gave my love a cherry

Hunters: A house full of noise

Locke & Key: Body and soul mix-and-match

New Amsterdam: What did King Solomon actually decide?

                            Weather wizards and cloud pirates

Raised by wolves: WTF did I just see

Riverdale: The lady or the tiger

The Crown: Rubies and royalty

The Magicians: I spy with my fairy eye; A girl, a desert, a lizard

The Mandalorian: Dragon slaying 101

The name of the rose: How to find a half-blind camel

The Witcher: Princess in the crypt; Hedgehog knights; Fishing for genies

Veronica Mars: Into the briar patch

Years and Years: An old woman in a pumpkin


Avengers: Endgame: Tag, you're it!

Encanto: Madrigal magic powers

Love and Monsters: They don't make critters that big anymore

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Fae vs. human

Prey: The monster in the wilderness

Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker: The grateful alien

Terminator: Dark Fate: Skin and bones

Wonder Woman: Fierce feline women


Moon landing special

People marrying trees

Murder and garden works


Folktales of Elsa and Naruto

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