Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another leap of faith

I can't believe I wrote my last post in February! I have been slacking off once again. I don't really have an excuse. Except, in the past months, I finished my thesis and got a Master's Degree in Archaeology (with a specialization in the Roman era and Early Middle Ages, not that it's important).
School's over.
From now on,
I am officially a full-time professional storyteller!
Does it rock, or what? :)
I have a few gigs lining up in September, and hopefully there will be more.
(Or I might starve.)
(Just kidding)
I do not know how it will work out, but it is fun so far, and all kinds of exciting, and I really hope it remains so. My head is buzzing with plans, and stories, and ideas. It's a good kind of dizziness.

Also, there will be a National Folktale Conference in Hungary in the first days of October. I am really excited about it! It's the sixth time they organize it, and this time the featured minority is Croatian. There will be lectures, and presentations, and stories, and Hungarian storytellers! Yay! I can't wait!
I'll keep you all posted.