Feminist Folktales

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1. Queen Anait (Armenia)
Equal relationships, clever women, privilege checking

2. Amaradevi (Cambodia and Sri Lanka)
Clever female protagonist, healthy and toxic masculinity

3. Pablo and the princess (Philippines)
Empathy, caring man, finding a good partner

4. The ring that said "I'm here" (Spain)
Abusive relationships, clever girl rescues herself

5. The proud king (India)
Domestic abuse, toxic masculinity, women helping women, clever women

6. The Basil Maiden (Puerto Rico)
Clever women, flirting, equal relationships, free sexuality

7. Li Ji and the serpent (China)
Bravery, female heroes, acknowledging victims

8. The pig (Denmark)
Sisters helping sisters, girls rescuing themselves

9. The wooing of Pumei (Oroqen)
Equal relationships, brave women, hero and heroine adventure together

10. Herburt and Hild (Germany)
Free choice to love, equal and independent relationships, breaking sexual taboos

11. The Dwarf (Spain)
Girls saving girls, independent and brave female hero

12. Bahram Gur and Fitna (Persian)
Rebellious, strong, and clever female hero

13. How the women saved Guam (Guam)
Community, women working together, problem-solving in non-violent ways, responsibility for the environment

14. The pirate princess (Jewish)
Clever and brave female hero, freedom from forced relationships

15. The wedding of Sir Gawain (England)
Women's right to choose their own destiny.

16. The king who trusted his kingdom to his daughters (Jewish)
Kindness and empathy as strength

17. Riina and her Amazons (Solomon Islands)
Female warriors working together to save women

18. The Queen Bee (Germany)
Positive male role models, healthy masculinity

19. The three little eggs (Eswatini)
Getting out of abusive relationships, single mother fighting challenges and becoming queen

20. The first sail (Marshall Islands)
Respect for one's mother, woman inventors

21. Lady Nardan (Azerbaijan)
Woman hero, gender roles, epic fights

22. Prince Hlini (Iceland)
Girl rescues prince, reverse Sleeping Beauty


  1. Thank you for including the Philippines in your list. I appreciate your explanation on what makes the tale feminist.

  2. This is a wonderful story! I had read another version but I love the way you have interpreted it
    with a feminist view, not paying much attention to Anait's beauty!