Folktales of Endangered Species

This was my theme for the 2020 A to Z Blogging Challenge. See all the posts below!


  1. I very much enjoyed reading your folktales during this A to Z challenge. Thank you!! I have bookmarked your blog and will be back to visit from time to time.

  2. Congratulation on this wonderful source. There must be many books concerning only animal tales in a country. Do you know of a very creative one. We are working on animal tales in Peru. Nay ideas. Another theme is what y appropiation of a story for you (and for other). Laura Packer in "From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story" .

    1. Hi! I don't know of an animal tale collection from Peru specifically, but I do know a lot of Peruvian animal tales :) Write to me on Facebook or at if you would like to talk!