Wednesday, May 1, 2024

2024 A to Z Challenge Reflections - and Theme Reveal


I adore the A to Z Blogging Challenge, but this year was just not kind to me over the course of April. A bunch of work and family stuff happened in rapid succession, which means that I was mostly distracted by being on the struggle bus - and almost completely fell out of visiting other blogs. Which makes me sad, because I saw and bookmarked so many great themes this year! I only completed the challenge because I had all the posts scheduled in March. Whew!

So, to make up for the mess this April has been, I have two things planned:

1. I will go back and read those awesome themes during the Road Trip! It might take me a while, but at least I will have lots of stuff to read :)

2. I might as well announce it now that I already have my theme for next year! As I have mentioned, deciding this year's theme took a lot of work. But next year's theme just came to me and I already love it. It happened too late in March to pull off this year, because it will take a lot of reading.

So, my theme for 2025 is:


I have done an Epics A to Z theme in 2015, and I greatly enjoyed it. This time - 10 years later! - I will again read 26 epics (over the course of one year), all of them featuring women protagonists! Can you name any of them? I already have the list for all 26 letters. I'm excited!

Thank you all so, so much for sticking with me this year! Thank you for the lovely comments, the likes and shares on social media, and of course, congratulations if you participated in the Challenge! You are truly an awesome community. Thank you!