Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moment of cute

"What kind of story are you going to tell?" the little girl asked, sitting with her chin in her palms, eyes shining.

"Peruvian" I answered "It's an indian story."

"Ooh" she smiled, flashing milk teeth "We are indians too! Half."

They looked like it too. Two little girls with beautiful dark eyes, dark hair, and cream brown skin; one of them smily and chatty, the other timid and shy.

"Well," I started "Thi story is about a tatú. Do you know what a tatú is?"

"I don't." said the little one.

"I do!" said the other cheerfully "It's a little anyimal with a tail, and armor. And it can curl up into a ball."

"That's right, that's very good" I smiled.

"I still don't know what it is" the other girl chimed in.

"We saw in on TV" her sister explained "It has short legs."

"That's right; it's a small animal, it has nose like this, and ears like this..." I added "And yes, it has short legs."

"Maybe it doesn't" the chatty girl mused "Maybe it has long legs, you just can't see them from the armor. Like, you know. Icebergs. There is a little bit sticking out, but they are big. Under the water."

"I still don't know what a tatú is" the little one complained.

"I'll show you at home" her sister promised. "Listen to the story."

And so I told them the story of how peope stole the nigt from the tatú, because it was just the perfect length for them to sleep and rest, and how they never gave it back to the little animal, so now it has to sleep during the day. And ever since then, every day is followed by a night that has been stolen from the tatú.

"But but but" the girl held up her hand politely as soon as they story was over "Not all nights are the same length. Some are longer. And in the summer, they are short."

I really had nothing to say to that.

"I still don't know what a tatú is" the little one volunteered.

So, we went on, and I told them the story about the Fox who was saved by the cactus plant, and gave his claws to it as a sign of gratitude. Ever since then, cacti have thorns, and foxes still hide among them.
And then I told them the story about the Fox who was in love with the Moon, and how after a lot of adventures he managed to reach the sky, and stay with the moon forever.

"I think this is the same story" the girl concluded, once the tale was finished "I think it is the ame fox."

"It might be" I agreed - I had never thought about that possibility before.

"Do you think he is afraid up there?" the girl asked "It is very high up."

"I don't know." I admitted "Do you think he is afraid?"

"No." she shook her head firmly "I think he is happy."

I smiled. "I think so too."

"I still don't know what a tatú is." chimed the little one.

"Maybe he is afraid" added her sister, ignoring the change of topic "You know, when the moon is dark and you can't see the whole of it, and then the fox in under the shadow, and maybe he is afraid."

"Maybe" I nodded "But the Moon is still there, so he is not alone, right?"

"Right" she nodded with a smile.

"I still don't know what a tatú is." the little one insisted.

"Shush. I will tell you." her sister said.


That, my friends, is a storyteller in the making.