Saturday, April 20, 2019

R is for Raspberries and Punishments (A to Z Challenge 2019: Fruit Folktales)

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruit. I can't get enough of them. I eat them straight off the bush, but I also like them on cakes and pastries (and definitely in chocolate brownies and chocolate ice cream). My parents grow them in the garden, but I have to compete with our (self-inflicted) fruitarian dog to get to them first.

The story I found for today is from Ireland. It is about two men, Murroghoo-more and Murroghoo-beg, who are cousins; the stronger of the two, Murroghoo-more, treats the smaller one very badly, and keeps bossing him around. One day, he orders Murroghoo-beg to go and gather raspberries. Murroghoo-beg does, but then it starts to rain, and he hides in the bushes, gets hungry, and eats all the raspberries. When he gets home with an empty basket, Murroghoo-more beats him. The next day, the same thing happens - Murroghoo-beg can't resist, and eats the raspberries again. Same thing on the third day.

By this time, Murroghoo-more is so angry, that he puts out the eyes of Murroghoo-beg, and leaves him at the church at night to die. Luckily, magic cats are having a storytelling circle in the church at night, and Murroghoo-beg overhears them talking about a sick princess and a magic well. In the morning, he crawls to the well, gets water, heals the princess, and heals his own eyes. He becomes a rich man. As these stories usually go, Murroghoo-more hears about what happened, and demands to know how Murroghoo-beg did what he did. He decides to spend a night in the church too...

... except this time the cats pay more attention, find the eavesdropper, and tear him apart, leaving nothing but his bones.

(Read this story here, and another, similar story here.)

How do you imagine a cat storytelling circle? What kinds of stories cats would tell each other, I wonder... Would you be brave enough to eavesdrop?


  1. Never eavesdrop on a cat gathering! Cats are cunning, creepy, creatures who don't suffer fools (anyone eavesdropping) gladly. They pretend to be fluffy lap pets, but really they are plotting. Not ALL of them, I have one normal house cat, but the other one is too intelligent for his own good. He's lead the circle, and it wouldn't be storytelling for children. If he doesn't get what he wants (98% of the time food related) he bites the dogs, including one with disabilities! If we get up in the night, we often find him just sitting in the hallway, in the dark, thinking dark cat thoughts. Nope, don't eavesdrop.

  2. Nice lesson for Murroghoo-more. We have similar tales in our culture too.

  3. Raspberries are my favourite fruit by far! A for cat chats, I guess they tell stories of how they've taken advantage of their owners by pretending to be loving creatures!As they say, dogs have masters, cats have servants!

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  4. Hello Zalka.
    I finally worked out your name.
    My cat and my daughter's cat have meetings at night right outside my window. I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about but it sure upsets my daughters dogs. As can be imagined, these conversations don't last very long :)
    Enjoying your posts very much, thanks, Geoff with a blessing for you.
    May the Lord, maker of all cats and nice things, bless you this Easter weekend, Geoff.

  5. Murroghoo-more deserved retribution. Well done. Jackie's Bookbytes Letter R

  6. so violent. i was wondering too what stories the cats would be telling. i imagine there is at least a part of it devoted to the neighborhood and those "other" animals. ;)

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  7. Cats are special animals, they may have a storytelling circle ;)

  8. Oh yes, one must beware of eavesdropping on cat storytelling circles - although I suspect they'd welcome a teller like you who might share some of their finest tales. You must let us know if that happens! I, too, am crazy fond of raspberries, and am glad I don't have to share them with a fruitarian dog. :-)

  9. We had a very different take on "Raspberry".

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Raspberry

  10. If my cat were part of a storytelling circle, she would interrupt the speaker every two minutes to repeat, "Hey, everyone, when do we get the refreshments?"

  11. Violence seeks more violence. Murroghoo-more deserved what he got. As for cats, nope, no idea. Never been close to one. But I like how Lisa puts it. Hahaha!
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  12. I love raspberries too esp raspberry cakes are my favorite!What a tragic end to Murroghoo-more...I wish he had been more considerate towards his cousin beg! About Cats - I have never eavesdropped. I prefer dogs :)
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  13. As a servant of cats, I like this tale and agree not to eavesdrop. Not sure our young 'uns have time to chat as they tear around - or sleep.

  14. What! None of them was now the King of the Cats? What a wasted eavesdrop! 😂
    I love raspberries too. Raspberry season is pretty much over here...

  15. Cats can be vicious little things! I like the idea of a cat storytelling circle...

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