Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U is for Unusual Conception (WTF Hungary - Weird Things in Hungarian Folktales)

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Unusual conception in folktales is really not all that unusual. We have already seen people get pregnant from smelling tulips, eating roses, swallowing peppercorn, and a million other things. But there is one folktale, collected from storyteller Karácsony József in Chibed, Transylvania, that definitely takes the cake. The title of the tale is Miklós, Son of the Mare (Kancafia Miklós), and this is how it starts:

Once upon a time there was a rich man whose crops kept getting stolen. He went to a wise woman, who gave him some peas, and told him to sow them along with the wheat. Whoever tasted the crops would have a pea grow on their nose.

Time for the harvest came. A maid brought food to the harvesters, and found some fresh peas at the edge of the field; she picked them, ate them, and lo and behold - a pea grew on her nose! She ran home crying, and told the rich man what happened.

The rich man, feeling bad that the maid got cursed instead of an actual thief, went to the wise woman again. The wise woman told him that the girl can get rid of the pea by kissing someone. When told, the maid immediately ran out to the mountains, found an unsuspecting shepherd, made out with him... and passed on the pea.

The shepherd went to the same wise woman to ask for advice. She told him the same thing: Kiss someone, and pass on the pea. So, when the shepherd met the priest on the way home, the made out with the priest, and passed the pea to him.

The priest also went to the wise woman. She told him that he could get rid of the pea for good if he "rubbed up" against some animal. So he went to the stables, rubbed against a mare... and the pea disappeared. Some months later, the mare gave birth to a baby boy - Miklós, Son of the Mare.

Miklós then goes on to have all kinds of adventures, but really none of them are nearly as weird as his conception. Trust me.


  1. I usually read these stories to my daughters each day. Today, story time got cut short. lol.
    Heather Erickson Author Writer Speaker

  2. Hmm... not what usually happens when somebody "rubs up" against a horse. If it was, I'd be even more glad we have laws against such things. Wolf of Words

  3. These days that sort of rubbing up would land you in prison!!

  4. Passing on the pea - sounds rather like a rude disease :)

  5. Yikes! Definitely won't be telling this to my kid. Can't answer any possible question he might have after hearing the story. Truly WTF!

    U is for The Ultra

  6. Actually, it does sound rather rude! You have to wonder who created these folktales, eh? ;-)

    U is for Urban Fantasy


  7. The passing of the pea folklore is really an unusual account. This gives me more reason to stay in my personal space. I don't want to make out with me and then I inherit a pea. Not that I would seeing how I'm married but if I were single...Nope, I'm staying in my personal space. It's safer here. :) lol Great share!!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
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  8. I have a feeling the Priest did a little more than 'rubbing up'. What a strange story!

    Undiscovered by James Morrison

  9. Since fables generally are aimed to be lessons, I have to wonder exactly what they are trying to teach with that! Be careful of what you "rub" against and the fact that it was the priest is even more questionable..lol
    But that's what make these stories so much fun.

  10. That wise woman did a lot of consulting in this story - I'm wondering if she ended up as godparent to Mare Boy. :-)

  11. Can we really call them unusual if they're actually pretty common in folklore? ;)

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
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    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  12. The shepherd made out with the priest? And then rubbing against an animal ended up with the animal pregnant? Hmmm ... okay ... :P
    Tasha's Thinkings - Movie Monsters

  13. Oh dear... are we sure that story wasn't made up by the priest, after he got caught 'with' the mare? o.O; Some of these tales are just bonkers, my dear... :D
    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons