Monday, March 19, 2018

The Great and Powerful A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

You all know the drill by now. I have been doing this since 2012. That means, this is Year Seven for me in the Challenge! Seven is a magical number, especially in Hungarian folktales. Seven-headed dragons are the default dragon model for us. So, without further ado, and playing on last year's wildly popular WTF - Weird Things in Folktales theme, I give you my theme for 2018:

WTF HUNGARY?! - Weird Things in Hungarian Folktales

I would like to extend a special thanks to the #FolkloreThursday crowd on Twitter for helping me decide the theme by popular vote. I blame all of you for what follows. ;)

As for what you can expect out of this theme: I will be presenting some of the strangest, weirdest, most unique motifs, characters, places, and events from Hungarian folktales. There is no Motif Index specific to Hungary (sadly), so this theme will be less organized than last year; I will basically be cherry-picking things that are surprising, even to me as a Hungarian storyteller.

Among many other things, you can expect to hear about:

- A diamond prince in a rubber suit
- Princess Rosalia Lemonfarts
- Bacon. Lots of bacon.

See you all on April 1st!

(To see all the other themes being revealed today, visit the A to Z Challenge Main Blog!)


  1. Looking forward to another fascinating series! Particularly intrigued by HRH Lemonfarts! :)

    Btw 7 seems a significant number in many cultures...

    Best always,

  2. Wow! This sounds delish to the fairy tale lover in me! I cant wait for your posts to roll out Zalka - all the best for the challenge!
    Theme Reveal My Love affair with books #atozchallenge

  3. This is gonna be fun, trying to reconcile the English names with the Hungarian ones ��

  4. It sounds amazing as every year. Can't wait to read it!

    And wow! Seven years!!! That's such a great achievement. Congratulation on everuthing!!

    The Old Shelter - Theme Reveal - Weimar Germany

  5. I love bacon. Sounds like this will be fun, look forward to reading :-)

  6. I am looking forward to this one :) Last year's WTF were great, and this year, well, who can argue with bacon? :)
    Sophie's Theme Reveal Post

  7. This sounds bonkers and wonderful - so looking forward to seeing all the weird things you introduce us to.
    Tasha's Theme Reveal

  8. This looks like so much fun. I'm only on my second year, hopefully I'll reach seven one day!

  9. Looking forward to these wacky tales, Zalka. :)

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Theme Reveal

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  11. Looking forward to this years offerings! Sounds like they will be as wild as usual.

  12. Good luck with all of that. I should be interesting.

  13. As a Magyarphile of 23 years and counting, I'll be looking forward to your posts. I also consider seven a lucky number.

  14. What fun. I'm looking forward to your month-long romp through weirdness!

  15. Fantastic! This is my 1st year participating, and your theme is just awesome. I'll have to go back and read your WTF posts from last year. See you April 1st!

    Rebecca at Sloth Reads
    Reading and Writing Stories and Poetry for Young Readers

  16. You always have fun posts for the challenge. Can't wait to see what you find this year.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Dining with IC
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  17. This is going to be fun! Good luck!

    Gail Park

    Making Life an Art

  18. Who doesn’t like bacon. Looking forward to your posts.
    Visiting from
    If I Only Had A Time Machine

  19. Looking forward to even more weird things from Hungarian Folklore!
    Have a great time, Csenge!
    Jemima's writing inspirations for AtoZ2018

  20. I love folktales (and myths and legends) and I am not familiar with Hungary so much so I'm looking forward to this. Good luck!

  21. What fun! Can't wait to hear about Princess Rosalia Lemonfarts.

  22. Thanks for stopping by my site, loved your posts last year so I'll certainly follow this year! Good luck with your posts!
    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Theme: Odds and Ends Dragons | Writing Dragons

  23. Sounds like a great theme - excited about it already.

  24. You had me at bacon! :) Marking your blog on my 'must read' list. See you in April!

  25. I'm participating in the A-Z challenge for the first time -- writing about cursive handwriting with dragons. I'll have to add seven headed dragons to my list of research!

  26. My grandparents were born in Hungary! Interested in reading more about your A to Z topic!