Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for the White Princess

The month of April is coming to the end, and so is the line-up of the Seven Wise Princesses of Nizami. But we are not quite done yet! Today's princess lives in the White Pavilion of Venus. She is Persian, from Bahram Gur's homeland, and as such, she is naturally gifted at storytelling.
(I have a thing for Persian stories, can you tell?)

The tale of the day tells us about a young man who owned a marvelous garden where he spent most of his time in serenity. However, one day he decided to leave the garden and go for a walk; and when he returned some time later, he found the garden locked from the inside. Oops. On top of that, he could hear music and laughter from within the garden, which is a dead giveaway that someone is squatting on your property. He took an axe to the fence and got inside... just to be confronted and beaten by a bunch of women until he could get the words out and tell them he was the owner of the place. Oops again. As an apology, the women led him to the wall in his attic and through a crack they showed him the neighbor's property (these women knew their way around the neighborhood) where a bunch of women were swimming in a white marble pool. The man fell in love with one of the beauties, who in turn (when they met) fell in love with him. But wherever they went to consummate their passion, something always botched the mood. In the bedroom the floor collapsed under them, on a tree (hey, desperate measures) the branches broke under them. Finally they got the message: They were not meant for a night of passion, they were meant for marriage. Once the union was blessed, they could... do whatever they wanted to do. Finally.
(I am unreasonably entertained by this story.)

(And now I feel personally insulted that Andrew Lang does not have a White Fairy Book. The post feels unfinished. So there.)


  1. That was a lovely story. A great advertisement for not having sex before marriage too. :)
    Nana Prah

  2. So karma had a message for those two - no nookie until you're official ;P
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  3. Well, white and all . . . Means you gotta be married first . . .

  4. Such a nice post, I thought I would pop back and say hello. Nice to meet and follow through atoz

  5. Maya, I love this tale and stories from different cultures. I'm glad to see you are sharing these stories. They hold many lessons for us I am very fond, as well, of Persian miniatures, such as the one you've shown here.

  6. LOL - the way their passion is always scuppered by something breaking. That has to be a real mood killer ;).
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  7. After all the botched attempts at consummation, I wonder how much oomph they had when the moment finally arrived? LOL