Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A to Z Reflections - My Storyteller's Alphabet

I had a very simple reason for joining the A to Z challenge: I thought it would be fun!
(Also, I tend to slack off on my English blog since I have a Hungarian one to write that keeps my fiends and family informed of what's happening to me. Well, technically, I have half a dozen different blogs, I just don't update all of them on a regular basis. Even with severe graphomania, one has to eat and sleep...)

I wish there were more challenges like A to Z. I liked the idea and how simple it was; I liked the motivation; I liked that I could hop around on other blogs and read them. A lot more people have visited my blog than ever before, and some of them even stayed to comment and follow! It was fun to wake up to new comments and messages every day. It may be called a "challenge", but I wish it could have lasted longer.

That's really all I have for reflections. But because I am still kind of in the A to Z mood, here is my completely subjective and temporary storyteller's alphabet. I might use this for next year. Or might find new stories by then.

Arthur is my King,
Babe is my Blue Ox,
Camilla is my Heroine,
Dinadan is my Jester,
Eithne is my Sister,
Finn MacCool is my Hero,
Gorlagon is my Werewolf,
Hiiaka is my Dancer,
Ilona is my Fairy Queen,
Joan is my Saint,
Kai is my Knight,
Loki is my Trickster,
Maleh is my Traveling Companion,
Nausikaa is my Princess,
Oisín is my Bard,
Pietro Baillardo is my Wizard,
Qantu is my Flower,
Ratatösk is my Squirrel,
Scathach is my Warrior Woman,
Tarva is my Storyteller,
Uilenspiegel is my Troublemaker,
Vertumnus is my Roman God,
Wagadu is my City,
Xuanzang is my Monk,
Yhi is my Sun,
Zal is my Prince.

See you all next year!

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