Feminist Folktales

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1. Queen Anait (Armenia)
Equal relationships, clever women, privilege checking

2. Amaradevi (Cambodia and Sri Lanka)
Clever female protagonist, healthy and toxic masculinity

3. Pablo and the princess (Philippines)
Empathy, caring man, finding a good partner

4. The ring that said "I'm here" (Spain)
Abusive relationships, clever girl rescues herself

5. The proud king (India)
Domestic abuse, toxic masculinity, women helping women, clever women

6. The Basil Maiden (Puerto Rico)
Clever women, flirting, equal relationships, free sexuality

7. Li Ji and the serpent (China)
Bravery, female heroes, acknowledging victims

8. The pig (Denmark)
Sisters helping sisters, girls rescuing themselves

9. The wooing of Pumei (Oroqen)
Equal relationships, brave women, hero and heroine adventure together

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