Following Folktales Around the World

This blog series is my version of A year of reading the world: I aim to read a collection of folktales, myths, legends, or other traditional stories from every single country. I blog about each book and the stories in them, listing some of the best tales, as well as connections across cultures. You can find all posts listed on this page, or under this tag. You can also follow the weekly updates on the project's Facebook page here!

Read the introduction post to this project here.

The posts below are organized by continent. The list gets updated as posts are published every Monday.


Benin - Dawn to dusk

Burkina Faso - Brains over brawn

Cameroon - The story door

Cape Verde - Tricksters and oceans

Central African Republic - Animal friendships, animal enemies

Democratic Republic of Congo - Genets and genesis

Equatorial Guinea - Courage against cruelty

Eswatini (Swaziland) - Many kinds of transformations

Ghana - Anansiland

Guinea-Bissau - Classics and morals

Madagascar - Magic and blood

Mauritania - Saints and lessons

Mauritius - Pearls from India

Mozambique - Familiar discoveries

Sao Tome and Principe - Roosters, dogs, tortoises

South Sudan - How and why stories

Sudan - Bedtime lions

Western Sahara - Hedgehog hero


Bahrain - Wonders on wings 

East Timor - Crocodile island

Malaysia - Visiting Kanchil

North Korea - Trickster propaganda

Saudi Arabia - Secret worlds

Turkmenistan - Mountains of gemstones

United Arab Emirates - United Arab Folktales

Australia and Oceania

Marshall Islands - Sailing from story to story

Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia) - Whale vs Octopus, and other creature features

Vanuatu - War and Peace and Puffer Fish

Central America and the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda - Six little pigs and a lion

Jamaica - Anancy meck it

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - King Rufus gambles with the Devil


Andorra - Land of witches

Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Hodja in the refugee camp

Czech Republic - A legend on every corner

Macedonia - God and taxes

Netherlands - Diversity in the Netherlands

Northern Ireland - Land of legends

Republic of Ireland - Tales of endless adventures

Romania - Flowers and gemstones

Switzerland - Alpine wonderland

North America

South America

Argentina - Armadillos rule

Bolivia - Myths, flowers, and an army of chinchillas

Brazil - The richness of the rainforests

Chile - Fairy tales, Chilean style

Colombia - Gods and emeralds

Ecuador - Tricksters and fairy tales

Guyana - Of women and jaguars

Paraguay - Period is power

Peru - Talking mountains, hidden treasures

Suriname - Enter Anansi!

Uruguay - Scattered stories

Venezuela - Sea above, world below


  1. Hi Zalka, you are amazing. To be able to read 3000 tales is a task in itself :) You inspire me to get back to storytelling!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous and a brilliant blog! I LOVE IT - just what Aunti Oni Story Village, podcast needs...a great resourse...thanks for all the work you put into this...a true labor of LOVE! Sisterly love, Oni

  3. Thank you Zalka this is a new yet old way to look at the people of our world

  4. Hello Csenge- This is just a fabulous blog-no surprise. I want to research a certain kind of folktale and wondered what it might cost to hire you! Also I noticed that you did not include Kurdistan in your list of countries. Please please include them... my English collection: A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish tales is available and I will send you a copy for free if you would read it and add them to the list. We need to not let them continue to be silenced by oppressive regimes. They are their own nation denied a country by Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey that divided their native lands among them.... Get in touch with me by email! I cannot find your email anywhere...