International Folktale Exchange

I am creating this page to crowdsource my never-ending search for folktales around the world - and I am offering some great Hungarian stories in exchange!

TL;DR: I am looking for the folktales listed below, and I'm willing to find/translate/post Hungarian stories of your choice in return.

Long story short: I recently returned to Hungary, the Land of Expensive and Near-Impossible Inter-Library Loans and Inadequate Foreign Language Collections. Yet, I am still working as a professional storyteller, and I am in need of a good supply of folktales. Especially because now I am also working part-time with the Story Center, a foundation that trains volunteer storytellers to visit children's homes and foster families, and it is my job to create an ever-expanding supply of good stories they can use in their work.
Every once in a while, I run into folktales that are only available in obscure collections that I can't access from Hungary, or even buy through Amazon or Ebay (plus Amazon told me they'd charge 30-something dollars for the shipping of one book, and I don't have that kinda money). So, I'm putting my requests up to cowdfunding!

It's easy: If you have access to any of the stories/books below, please contact me in the comments, or trough my email (csenge at zalkacsenge dot hu). In exchange for your help with my research, I am happy to find/translate Hungarian folktales of your choice. Looking for exotic versions of your favorite tale type? I can do that! Have a certain theme or topic in mind, and you'd like suggestions of little-known tales that fit? Sure! I like helping fellow storytellers/researchers, and it is only fair to trade one story for another (if you are not sure what you are looking for, check out my tweets on FolkloreThursdays!)

THIS LIST IS REGULARLY UPDATED. Check back for new stories weekly!

Note: I am looking for the versions of these stories from these books specifically. I like to find folktales from more than one source, so I can compare variants. I know that some of these exist in other books as well, but I already have those.


How fire came to man - Ilocano folktale
Philippine folk literature: The myths, Damiana Eugenio, University of the Philippines Press, 2001. pp. 319-320.
Stories and Legends from Filipino folklore, Maria Delia Coronel, University of Santo Tomas Press, 1967.

Simon and the Fish - Irish folktale
The barefoot book of strange and spooky stories, Andrew Peters, Barefoot Books Ltd., 2000.

The frog rider - Chinese folktale
Both in:
Folk Tales from China, First Series, Seagull, 1979.
The frog rider: Folk tales from China, Foreign languages, 1980.

The Three Tasks - Nigerian folktale
Auta the Giant-killer and other Nigerian folk stories, K. Arnott, Oxford University Press 1971.


  1. I can send you a copy of Olive Lake, from The Frog Rider.
    Norman Perrin
    Four Winds Storyteller's Library.

    1. That would be amazing, thank you! Please email me, my email is listed above!

  2. How about my storyteller blog Shortening the Road? It has some of my own writing, but it also has streaming audio and video of me telling stories. You can filter out the rest and just get the stories using the "story" label.

  3. Csenge, I just ordered Auta The Giant Killer. Can I send you a pdf of the story you need when it comes? Or do you need the book?